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Trust is the essence of any valuable relationship. The House Designers believes in cultivating relationships through honesty, responsiveness, and customer support long after the purchase is made. The best spokespeople are those who have purchased our home plans and are now living in their new homes.

Here is what our clients have to say about their home building experience that started with searching for their dream home on

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McKinney | 2/10/2014

What an easy, enjoyable experience. Talking to Lisa made the project go smoothly. After given all my options I decided to have the architect make 14 modifications to the plans. The picture includes some of my changes. The communication with the architect was better than outstanding. They ran every change by me, via email, to assure it was correct. Received my final plans today, 18 days from my first call - amazing service. The plans were perfect. Can't wait to get started building. Thank you all so much for your excellent service.

Customer Review:

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Todd, Warsaw, IN | 10/12/2012

Loved the house design and floor plan. Made a few modifications to custom fit our personal wants! House turned out great and we get a lot of compliments. We host big parties several times a year and the house handles the overflow very easily. We searched for months and looked at hundreds of floor plans and this one had everything we wanted. Nice job! Hats off to The House Designers!

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Dennis, Shelby, NC | 7/17/2012

This house plan has great curb appeal. I built it as a spec home and have had great feedback on the home and design.

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small Craftsman house plan

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Lenore, Columbia, MO | 7/7/2012

We love our house! This home is a second home on our farm property. I looked at hundreds of plans and kept coming back to this one. Everything we need is on one level and it is a very efficient floor plan with surprisingly a lot of storage and room to expand. We have a walkout basement and a lovely deck that is accessible from the dining area. Our builder also designs homes and rarely follows plans but he was very pleased with this house plan and let us know he and his crew enjoyed the project and they and we are very proud of it.

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Ranch House Plan

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Carol McLemore | 12/10/2011

The plans were great and we did not have any problems. The only change we made was to move the laundry over into the area designed for a storage room. We also put the garage door in the front because of the lot. We then used that area for an office. Our plan was designed by Larry James. I had a question and called his office. I was shocked that he answered the phone and talked quite awhile answering questions and was so nice. My son and his wife love the house. They said they would not change a thing. The build took 5 months.

Customer Review:

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Teresa | 12/10/2011

Our back view is of the Tennessee and North Carolina mountains, so these outside pics might give you a better idea of how beautiful it is. Everyone really likes the angled design on the lot, it really fits perfectly! I can't tell you how many plans we went through and we really liked the unique design of this one. We did make some changes which you can see here and there. The best part is my husband and his cousin built the house. We used a few subs but most of it is our blood, sweat and many tears!

Customer Review:

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Stone Family | 7/24/2014

Extremely pleased with experience. Our sales representative Christine was very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. We made some minor modification to the plan and she coordinated the process and insured we were satisfied with the outcome. Very professional, and completed plans delivered as promised in an expedited manner. Thank you for treating us as people, not just an account number that needed to be processed. Kudos to the House Designers Team and their concept of customer satisfaction.

Customer Review:

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Goodrich | 5/14/2014

Just got finished building this home plan and put it on the market and I got 2 full price offers within one week. HAPPY CONTRACTOR.

Customer Review:

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Alan Otto, PONCA CITY, OK | 4/2/2014

Very helpful with our needs. We are very pleased with our experience with The House Designers.

Customer Review:

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Jackson, PA | 3/20/2014

The plan I purchased is a study plan for my future retirement home that I hope to build in the near future. The study plan is professionally done and drawn to scale, allowing me to decide how and where modifications should be made to increase its square footage to comply with HOA requirements. When all my decisions are finalized I will certainly contact The House Designers to have the plan professionally modified by the original designer to meet my needs. I've researched several different websites and found The House Designers to have the largest selection of home designs to choose from. I'm very pleased.

Customer Review:

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Michael J Rush, Arden, NC | 2/14/2014

Sales rep was very courteous and helpful and I will recommend friends to this site.

Customer Review:

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Rex McCullough, McComb, MS | 2/2/2014

Excellent plans. We have had no issues with the contractor.

Customer Review:

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Drew Lowrimore, West Point, MS | 1/29/2014

My plans are great. I was very pleased at the delivery time. Contacting the CSR was easy and helpful. Also speaking with the Designer of the plan was great and a lot of helpful information was passed on. If I should ever need anymore house plans this is where I will buy them. The price was the best. Most other websites charged a good bit extra for the foundation/slab plan. House designers did not.

Customer Review:

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McDowell, Johns Creek, GA | 1/21/2014

Great customer service and I really enjoyed working with the folks at The House Designers. They were quick at answering my questions and went out of their way to make sure I had what I needed to make a purchase decision. The plans had everything I needed to have the house build by a contractor.

Customer Review:

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Smith, Leander, TX | 1/13/2014

The plans arrived very quickly and allowed us to start getting bids from custom home builders. Every possible convenience there is was afforded to us during and after our purchase of the plans. Customer service is a rare thing in America today, but the service we received was out of this world, just fantastic, it was a quite refreshing experience.

Customer Review:

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Hampton, BURLINGTON, NC | 1/1/2014

The House Designers were fast, courteous and affordable. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for a house plan and wanting to build!

Customer Review:

View House Plan # BHG-1034 >


Hasenbein, Spring, TX | 12/7/2013

We are still building... but love the house!

Customer Review:

View House Plan # BHG-8358 >


Blankenship, TABOR CITY, NC | 12/1/2013

Great team to work with - fast return calls from architect to answer all my questions - would buy from this designer again -but since we found our dream home - we won't get the pleasure ourselves - so enjoy - you will be glad you did !!!

Customer Review:

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Dimitrios and Eleni!, Hickory, NC | 11/15/2013

I really had a good experience in ordering the plans for my new home and making the changes I wanted. Right now we are in the process of building the house. It looks absolutely beautiful! It probably will be finished by the end of January 2014. I have promised to email pictures once we move in to you. Thank you for making this an enjoyable time for us. Dimitrios and Eleni!

Customer Review:

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McRae, Bonita Springs, FL | 11/15/2013

I am very happy with my experience to this point. I will not be bulding my home for another 4-5 years, but feel very good about the house plan I have chosen.

Customer Review:

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