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Trust is the essence of any valuable relationship. The House Designers believes in cultivating relationships through honesty, responsiveness, and customer support long after the purchase is made. The best spokespeople are those who have purchased our home plans and are now living in their new homes.

Here is what our clients have to say about their home building experience that started with searching for their dream home on

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Elizabeth, NATRONA HEIGHTS, PA | 6/20/2016

We had looked at numerous home plans from different sites, but found the one that we really love at The House Designers. Being able to receive the plans as a pdf file is very convenient. When I called to ask to buy the plans, Christine was so very helpful and gave us great advice. She suggested that we only purchase the bid set of prints to start, just in case something would happen and we didn't want or couldn't build the plans we ordered. She was so right! It turned out that our lot was too sloped to easily build the version of the plan with an attached garage. After talking to potential builders, we decided to go with the original architect's design of a detached garage, and ordered our working set of blueprints in that version. The customer service is the best!

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McKinney | 2/10/2014

What an easy, enjoyable experience. Talking to Lisa made the project go smoothly. After given all my options I decided to have the architect make 14 modifications to the plans. The picture includes some of my changes. The communication with the architect was better than outstanding. They ran every change by me, via email, to assure it was correct. Received my final plans today, 18 days from my first call - amazing service. The plans were perfect. Can't wait to get started building. Thank you all so much for your excellent service.

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Todd, Warsaw, IN | 10/12/2012

Loved the house design and floor plan. Made a few modifications to custom fit our personal wants! House turned out great and we get a lot of compliments. We host big parties several times a year and the house handles the overflow very easily. We searched for months and looked at hundreds of floor plans and this one had everything we wanted. Nice job! Hats off to The House Designers!

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Dennis, Shelby, NC | 7/17/2012

This house plan has great curb appeal. I built it as a spec home and have had great feedback on the home and design.

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Lenore, Columbia, MO | 7/7/2012

We love our house! This home is a second home on our farm property. I looked at hundreds of plans and kept coming back to this one. Everything we need is on one level and it is a very efficient floor plan with surprisingly a lot of storage and room to expand. We have a walkout basement and a lovely deck that is accessible from the dining area. Our builder also designs homes and rarely follows plans but he was very pleased with this house plan and let us know he and his crew enjoyed the project and they and we are very proud of it.

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Ranch House Plan

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Carol McLemore | 12/10/2011

The plans were great and we did not have any problems. The only change we made was to move the laundry over into the area designed for a storage room. We also put the garage door in the front because of the lot. We then used that area for an office. Our plan was designed by Larry James. I had a question and called his office. I was shocked that he answered the phone and talked quite awhile answering questions and was so nice. My son and his wife love the house. They said they would not change a thing. The build took 5 months.

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Teresa | 12/10/2011

Our back view is of the Tennessee and North Carolina mountains, so these outside pics might give you a better idea of how beautiful it is. Everyone really likes the angled design on the lot, it really fits perfectly! I can't tell you how many plans we went through and we really liked the unique design of this one. We did make some changes which you can see here and there. The best part is my husband and his cousin built the house. We used a few subs but most of it is our blood, sweat and many tears!

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John, TRIMBLE, MO | 8/29/2017

The folks at THD were very helpful to me when I purchased my home plans. Most of the contact I had with THD was through Christine and she was wonderful to work with. Very personable and willing to help me get whatever information I needed. The home plans I was looking at didn't have a rear view of what the finished home looked like, so Christine did some checking and was able to find a view from a house that was actually built from my plans and send it to me. This helped seal the deal for me. I needed the plan modified slightly in a couple of areas and she was able to hook me up with a 3rd party drafting company that handled my needs. Overall, no complaints. Everyone I talked with was very helpful and got me what I needed to move my project forward. Great service and very knowledgeable staff! I would recommend them to anyone wanting to pick their own design out, and then modify it to fit their "dream" project. And I would certainly recommend asking for Christine as your contact.......she's the best!

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Jon, Fort Myers | 8/21/2017

The House Designers were great to work with and the draftsman was very helpful. He was very accommodating and completed our custom changes in a timely manor. Even after they finished the drawings, I saw an additional change I wanted and he took care of it ASAP. Thanks everybody!

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Linda | 5/16/2017

This was a great experience. I selected a plan and had it modified by The House Designers’ modification team. They were excellent to work with and very prompt with getting the house plan done and answering my questions even after he delivered the blueprints. Christine C. was a great help too! Thank you The House Designers! I will refer!

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Larry, LENOIR, NC | 4/22/2017

I was very pleased with my house plans. They were easy to read and very accurate. I was able to build this house on a piece of land that I already owned. I have no experience at house construction, I have never built a house before but I was still able to read and understand the plans. The house is built now and passed all inspections. I am very pleased. I am going to sell this house and will be buying another set of plans. I am trying to start a business and your house plans has made it easier than I thought it would be. Thank you Larry

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Donna | 4/2/2017

This plan was perfect! The house is beautiful, and I am enjoying it tremendously!

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Carol, High Point, NC | 12/30/2016

The customer service person, John, was very helpful. Ordering was a breeze. Received my order quicker than expected.

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Chrystal, Maud, TX | 11/30/2016

We recently purchased house plans from The House Designers and the plans arrived promptly. The plans are very detailed and complete. The customer service was top notch. I dealt with Andrea most of the time. She was very helpful and followed up regularly to check on our progress as we decided which set would be best for us to purchase. She was very knowledgeable which made our decision-making easier. We are currently in the process of building our home and the detail of this house plan is very evident as we see the construction of it evolve. We are completely satisfied customers.

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Chrystal, Maud, TX | 11/4/2016

The house plans were better than expected. They included every detail to build our home exactly as we envisioned it. The customer service during the purchase of our plans was outstanding. I spoke with her often and she was very helpful in making sure we had the perfect set of plans to meet our needs.

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Bob, Suffolk, VA | 10/13/2016

Our representative Christine was awesome throughout our journey. My wife and I spent several months reviewing plans and Christine followed us the entire time, ready to provide assistance whenever we asked. We were searching for the perfect retirement home and stable plans for our mountaintop lake lot. We would recommend The House Designers to anyone seeking their dream home plans.

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Tom, CHARLESTON, WV | 10/3/2016

Very quick and excellent help. At one point I accidentally deleted the plans and they were promptly resent. Would use them again without question.

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John, MANCHESTER, CT | 9/19/2016

The buildings plans are excellent, just what my wife and I wanted. We took nearly two years to find the right plans. We first described to each other what we were looking for in a home we will build. We had a flip chart to help us remember our likes and dislikes, (no running over old ground) when we filled in the search information and hit enter seconds later there it was plan # 1895. My builder loves the fact that it has all of the provided links so the house will just like the plans. we are about 20 % completed. We are building in Virginia and this home will look as if it has been a part of the property for many years.

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Curt, Lindale, TX | 9/19/2016

The home is coming along nicely! The plans were detailed and extensive and have made the construction process a "breeze". We actually reached out to the architect a few times and he was always eager to help. What Service!

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Karen, LENOIR CITY, TN | 8/29/2016

We are just underway with footers poured and slab forming almost complete. The plan is delightful and The House Designers was very prompt in answering questions and getting us the information we needed.

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